The Grappling Hook is a tool and an improvised weapon. It was the Close-Range weapon of the Somali Pirate.


65px-Somali 2

A Somali Pirate with a Grappling hook.

The grappling hook is shaped like an anchor with three to five prongs, which is attached to a rope.


  • 25 foot rope
  • 2 foot hook
  • 5 lbs
  • Barbed steel


Historically, grappling hooks have been used by naval forces to catch on to an enemy ship so that it could be boarded. It could also serve as an improvised weapon, as shown in Deadliest Warrior.


  • In the Pirate vs Knight episode a Grappling hook was seen on bored a Pirate ship, a common tool used in ship boarding. Blackbeard, a legendary pirate, is mentioned in the Cartel-Pirate episode when referring to the hook.

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