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emei piercers

The Emei Piercers, also called Emeici or Emei daggers, are a traditional Chinese martial art weapon. It was the Close-Range weapon of the Shaolin Monk.


Named after Mt. Emei, a Shaolin training ground, the Emei piercers are simply metal rods ending in arrowhead-shaped points. They are mounted on rings which allow the user to place them over his finger and spin them around as a form of distraction.


The Emei piercers are stabbing weapons. Because of their short length, they can be concealed in one's sleeves until needed. In the show it was tested on a gel torso. The Shaolin Monk expert landed four lethal blows on the gel torso's head in roughly as many seconds, demonstrating the Emei piercer's remarkable speed, accuracy and killing potential. However the weapon's very short range was noted as a problem.

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