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The Spartan: Deadly warrior from ancient Greece

Versus.... the Ninja, sneaky assasin from feudal Japan. WHO IS DEADLIEST?


The Spartans were the Greek warriors coming from ancient Sparta. They were known as the greatest warriors of ancient Greece.

The Spartan became the greatest warriors of ancient Greece by their hard and brutal training, the Agoge, which is the hardest training ever to have been in use.

A boy was taken for the Agoge at the age of 7. At the age of 18 they were to be the teachers off those who entered the Agoge. They entered the Spartan army at the age of 20 and were forced to live in his barracks. When he became 30 he was allowed to live at his home. At the age of 60 he retired, becoming a potential reserve force.


Weapon Spartan
Close Range: Short Sword
Mid Range: Spear
Long Range: Javelin
Special Weapons: Shield

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    Custmon warriors

    January 30, 2016 by PolarBearMan

    Please do not delete

    1: A.P.A. (Anonymous Private Army)

    Weapons = L115A3, P90, L85A2, L9A1, L3A1, Dirk and hand grenades.

    Clothing = MK4 OSPREY BODY ARMOUR, Camo Truis, Kneepads, Waterproof steel toe bi…

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    MID RANGE: Scottish basket hilted broadsword, Said to be able to cut a man in half.

    LONG RANGE: Musket

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    August 29, 2013 by Justin.sommers.50

    In the show, some warriors don't look the same in real life

    for example

    the Cartel Thug in the show and Escobar in real life both look the same but Escobar in the show looks very different

    2. both Adolf…

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