The composite crossbow is a medieval projectile weapon. It was the Mid-range weapon of William the Conqueror.


The composite crossbow used layers of different materials to form its limbs, instead of a simple wooden or steel bow like other crossbows. This allowed the crossbow to have more power in a smaller frame.


  • Range: 100'
  • Pull weight: 75 lbs
  • Materials: Wood, horn, sinew
  • Reload time: 20 seconds


Takes about 20 seconds to reload and fire again accuratley, with at least 5 of those seconds to load the bolt. The test was completed in 4 minutes and 03 seconds.


After the fall of the Roman Empire, the crossbows were almost forgotten in Europe until the Composite Crossbow appeared in the 10 century AD (most likely in 947AD durring the siege of Sousse).

Crossbows became an integral part of medieval warfare beginning with the Battle of Hastings, when William the Conqueror's Norman forces crushed the Anglo-Saxon army under Harold Godwinson. The composite crossbow was relatively more powerful than other wooden crossbows of similar size, allowing smaller bows to be used with the same power. This smaller size made the composite crossbow quicker and easier to reload than other crossbows.

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