Burda Club
The Burda Club is a wooden club with iron bands. It was the Special Weapon of the Celt.


The Burda Club is wedge-shaped, widening near the tip, with an oval cross-section. Two feet long and weighing around six pounds, it was constructed from ash, which was then fire-hardened and sealed in beeswax. It often had iron bands around the tip to increase its lethality. The handle was carved with a human face.

Other Celtic clubs appeared to be simple bat-shaped logs with an edge almost as sharp as an axe. These clubs resemble the stereotypical depiction of a caveman club.


The Burda club was commonly used by the poorer Celts. The heavier end, tipped with iron bands, would have easily crushed skulls with a single hit.

In The ShowEdit

Several heads were set up of which the Burda club exploded seven of them.

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