The bhuj','is a knife or dagger from western India. It is also called a gandasa or axe-knife because the blade is fixed onto an axe-like shaft.


It is named after the city of Bhuj in Gujarat. This is where it originated. The bhuj is short, broad, stout, and heavy, with a mild curve. The bhuj often boasts an engraved or gilded mount. The knob of the bhuj is sometimes stylized into the shape of an elephant head, giving it the nickname "elephant knife." The curved blade is about 10 inches long and is single edged. Partnered with its copper sheath, it measures around 20 inches in length. A special feature of the bhuj is that the haft is usually hollow and contains a stiletto-like knife.


  • It is the mid-range weapon of the Rajput in Deadliest Warrior: the Game

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