Bait and Bash (French: Appât et de Coup) is a tactic used by Napoleon Bonaparte.


Bait and Bash involved luring an enemy into the ideal position and attacking when the conditions were perfect to bash them into submission.


Napoleon applied this tactic during the Battle of Austerlitz, where he deceived the Russo-Austrian army into thinking that he was planning to surrender by withdrawing from the strategic position of Pratzen Heights and then used the cover of fog to mount a surprise attack on the weakened center of their lines. Through this tactic Napoleon was able to destroy the entire Austrian army and 1/3 of the Russian army.

On The ShowEdit

The Bait and Bash tactic was pitted against the Hybrid Warfare tactics of George Washington for the X-Factor of Battlefield Tactics. The edge was given to Napoleon due to the significance of the victory at Austerlitz.   

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