The 6-pound cannon is an 18th Century artillery piece. It was the Long-Range weapon of George Washington.


The 6-pound cannon consisted of a bronze barrel mounted on a two-wheeled frame, weighing about 1200 lbs total. The inside diameter of the gun is 88 mm (3.5 in).


  • Total weight: 1,200 lbs
  • Shot diameter: 88 mm
  • Range: 1,523 yards


Scattershot consisted of scrap metal, nails, chain, and other improvised projectiles that were loaded into the barrel. When fired, the scrap metal spread out like a shotgun shell, although the dispersion pattern was much narrower than Napoleon's grapeshot.


Without access to cannons, the Continental Army was forced to forge its own artillery from melted down church bells, bronze fittings for ships, and a statue of King George in New York City. Because the barrels were molded around a piece of wood, the gun is not as accurate as those used by more conventional armies at the time. However it was lighter compared to conventional cannons making it easier to transport and maneuver. Since the Continental Army was smaller than the British Redcoats, they needed to have lighter equipment to better retreat from superior forces.


  • Along with the 8-pound cannon, the 6-pound cannon was the first cannon, as well as the first crew served weapon, tested on the show.
  • Molly Pitcher was a woman in the Continental Army famous for loading a cannon during the Battle of Monmouth, though it's rumored that she only did it because the cannoneer was her husband and he was WIA during the battle, so she replaced him. Other similar women were rumored to have existed in other battles.

[1] An example of a light cannon from the 1700s.

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