The 1894 Winchester Repeating Rifle is one of the latest models of lever-action Winchester rifles, a repeating rifle so lethal it's known as "The Gun that Won the West". It was the Long-Range weapon of Pancho Villa.


  • Range: 200 yards
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs
  • Length: 37.8
  • Mag Capacity: 10 rounds
  • Cartridge: .30-30 Winchester
  • Action: Lever-action
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2,490 ft/s
  • Feed System: 10 rounds
  • Sights: Leaf rear sight, barleycorn-type front sight


The Model 1894 was the first commercial repeating rifle to use smokeless powder, and the first to be chambered for the .30-30 Winchester round. One of the last lever-action Winchester rifles to be built, it has been called the "ultimate lever-action design. The 1894 Winchester is still in production today, and is one of the most widely-used commercial sporting rifles ever built.


The 1894 Winchester rifle was pitted against the 1860 Henry repeating rifle of Crazy Horse. The rifles were first tested against 3 human targets and a slab of pig. The Henry scored 6 hits on the targets in 1 minute 15 seconds, with a 40% hit ratio and jammed once, while the Winchester scored 4 hits with a 40% hit ratio but didn't jam. The two rifles were then tested against targets from horseback. Both rifles scored 3 hits out of 5 targets. The edge was given to the 1894 Winchester Repeating Rifle due to it being a more reliable weapon. 


Both Pancho Villa and Teddy Roosevelt used the 1895 Winchester, which was a slightly later model.

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